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You never know what to expect from a Rubin Steiner’s album” is a statement regularly repeated ever since the debut LP of Frederic Landier, a self-taught musician who has consistently tinkered with musical codes (whether electronic or other) since the early 2000’s.
Associated with the French Touch from the outset, although without having made the slightest piece of “conventional” house or techno, Rubin Steiner has always shied away from being artistically confined or straightjacketed and, most notably, he has managed to recreate himself with each new record, touring non-stop for the past 15 years with either a full band or as DJ.
It is probably this idiosyncrasy which enabled him, on his 2014 release “Discipline In Anarchy”, to play mainstream festivals such as the Printemps de Bourges, to DJ for experimental events such as Sonic Protes, or to play in clubs, all the while booking bands for the Festival “Short-Lived Duets” at the Louvre Museum (whose next editions will be taken on by Jeff Mills and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth).
So when Rubin Steiner announced that he was working on a new entirely electronic album of deviant house and techno, no one was surprised. It’s the meteoric success of his new band, DRAME, in which he plays bass, which tempted him to dive back into the electronic music one hears in clubs and to make the songs he wanted to play during his legendary DJ sets.
This is techno, yes,, but pretty far removed, in a vein closer to James Holden, Four Tet, Joakim, Ivan Smagghe, Prins Thomas, Todd Terje, Harmonious Thelonious and Africaine 80; once again, it is difficult to put this album in a box, a genre or a style. But it is nevertheless apparent that this new facet of Rubin Steiner’s work is once again quite distinctive but still deeply coherent in the evolution of his body of work. This record makes him one of the most inspiring figures in music today, a truly enjoyable prospect for anyone wanting to follow him on a tireless and exciting musical treasure hunt





Rubin Steiner –  “Black Wave” (Official Video)


Rubin Steiner“Pink Wave” (official video) 2016


Platinum –



Rubin SteinerUranus Samba


Rubin SteinerAnother Record Story
Platinum – 2008



Rubin SteinerYour life is like a Tony Conrad concert”
Platinum – 2005





Rubin SteinerUranus Samba (2016)

Rubin SteinerLight Wave (2016)

Rubin SteinerMars Murderer

Rubin SteinerYour Life Is Like A Tony Conrad Concert (2004)

We Are Enfant Terrible – Eagles don’t Sparkle (Rubin Steiner Remix)


Rubin Steiner, DJ Set – Les Îlots – Parc de la Rabière – 10/09/2017

feat. 6th Borough Project, Dreems & DJ OI, Manfredas, Phillipi & Rodrigo, Ponty Mython, LCD Soundsystem, Manfredas, Woolfy & Projections, Smagghe & Cross, Icola, Clement Meyer, Il Est Vilaine, The Chemical Brothers, Save!, Locus Solus, Todd Terje, Philipp Gorbachev, Loco Dice, Roman Flugel, Capricorn, Factory Floor, Red Axes, The Beach Boys







Rubin Steiner •  Vive L’Electricité De La Pensée Humaine
Platinum •  2016
2. Rubin Steiner •  Light Wave
4. Rubin Steiner •  “Pink Wave”
5. Rubin Steiner •  Uranus Samba  
11. Rubin Steiner •  “Black Wave


Rubin Steiner  •  Discipline In Anarchy
Platinum  •  2012
1. Rubin Steiner •  Noise Beats
2. Rubin Steiner •  Dexter
7. Rubin Steiner •  Try this one
9. Rubin Steiner •  Mars Murderer


Rubin Steiner & Ira Lee •  We Are The Future
Platinum •  2011
9. Rubin Steiner & Irae Lee •  Gay & Proud


Rubin Steiner •  More Weird Hits!
Platinum •  2008


Rubin Steiner ? •  Weird Hits, Two Covers & A Love Song
Platinum •  2008


Rubin Steiner  •   Drum Major
Platinum  •  2004
2. Rubin Steiner •  Your Life Is Like A Tony Conrad Concert


Rubin Steiner •  Wunderbar Drei
Platinum, BMG France
Rubin Steiner •  Wunderlande


Rubin Steiner •  Test Recordings Numero 1
Platinum  •  2001


Rubin Steiner •  Lo-Fi Nu Jazz Vol.2
Platinum  •  1999


Maxis / EP

Rubin Steiner •  Dexter
Platinum •  2012
1. Rubin Steiner •  Dexter


Rubin Steiner •  Lo-fi Nu Jazz # 6
Vroom Sound Records •  2012


Rubin Steiner  •  Take Your Time EP
Platinum  •  2008