Lausanne, end of the seventies. In their early years, David and Claudio Quinto are rocked daily by the home turntables. A music melting pot of Soul, Funk, Chilean folk msic and Disco gave rythm the italo-peruvian family days.
A few years later, the teen brothers are playing guitar, vocals and bass guitar in several New Wave, Grunge an Shoegaze bands. They passionately follow the nineties Indie Rock movement.

Shortly after, David moves to Geneva and discovers techno, electro and drum’n’bass scene in local squats an clubs. A revalation. Everything falls into place: the incorporation of drum machines into his productions, the first steps toward electronic music and Djing. By 2004, under the alias “David5“, he performed on stage and at festivals like inter alia Le Zoo, Electron Festival, Les Nuits Sonores and the FMR stage at Paleo Festival.
At the same time, Claudio played with some andin folk bands and profermed live which led him to the Caribana, Electrosanne Festival and Rocking Chair.

In 2010, David and Claudio decide to explore the synergies between their respective experiences and influences. They create QLONS (/klons/). QLONS first refers to the resemblanc between both brothers and suggests the interaction between technology and nature, social formatting and individually.

QLONS is kind of a cloning acident in a world in which conformity is omnipresent.

Therefore, QLONS‘s compositions are characterized by a confluence of various inspirations: mix of isntruments, household utensil samples and of electronic music. With a delicate balance between melodies, hypnotic atmospheres, percussions and techno rythms, this meticulous assembly aims to create an emotional journey, a road trip of sound.

In January 2012, QLONS signs with the french label Difu. Their first EP “Tus Ojos” included the track “Etrange Lundi” played several times by Josh Wink.

Then, several EPs and remixes are released on Difu, Society 3.0, Progrezo recordings or Tea Boy Music, labels which have in particular Unkle, Elbee Bad or Scan X in their catalogs. In 2014, QLONS participate to the compialtion Tour de Traum VIII (Traum Schallplatten) with tehir track “Lejos“.

QLONS‘s tracks are playlisted by Dave Clarke, Ryan Davis, Josh Wink, Riyan Sullivan and receive support from artists such as Ian Pooley, Laurent Garnier, Max Cooper, Hrdvision, Taho, Fabrizio Maurizi, Namito, Lukas Greenberg and many more..

QLONS (live) @ Terminal Club, Lyon
(May 2014)

CLIP / QLONS – Back to the Angels


EP / Constellation
(Brise Records)

Algun Lugar

Conversation with a Rainbow


QLONS – live set

QLONS – live set
(July 2014)

Tournée Général, Couleur3

Tsugi Podcast n°275

Track Idee Podcast n°16



Conversation with a Rainbow on Tender Line EP
(Inclusif Records)
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Algun Lugar on Double Tete EP
(Inclusif Records)
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EP / Constellation
(Brise Records)
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EP / Confluence
(Resopal Schallware)
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EP / Initial Mass Function
(Resopal Schallware)
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Lejos on Tour de Traum VIII compilation
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Elbee Bad – Its The People! (QLONS Remix)
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EP / Rêve en Couleur
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EP / Isoptera
(Society 3.0 Recordings)

EP / Tides
(Progrezo Records)
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Plantae on VVA 07 compilation
(Ban-off Music)
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EP / Tus Ojos
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EP / Tus Ojos (remixes) – Enola, Eric Tarlouf, Madben, Dave G
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EP / Grand Angle
(3 Liquid Hz Records)
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Hugues Giboulay – Emotional Rescue (QLONS Remix)
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Frederick Alonso – Deep Under (QLONS Remix)
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Kiani & His Legion / The Early Sound – Fuzz Mag

Tsugi Mag n°49
QLONSTus Jojos
“Un groupe suisse crée dans des labos de l’ex-URSS à base d’ADN de cheveux de Danny Zuko. Avc un tel CV, QLONS ne peut pas faire de mauvaise musique. La preuve avec son EP, qui fait le pont entre Detroit et house lascive.”

Tsugi Podcast n°275
“The Quinto brothers already have a CV long arm, after only three years of existence. Their duo, named QLONS, has already left its mark in the catalogs of four labels (from DIFU to Tea Boy Music), shared the poster with Spitzer or Marco Carola, in short, the pair of Swiss producers, besides being prophet in his country, has the necessary assets to see bigger. Especially since it has some significant assets to stand out in a tech-house scene where everything is similar most of the time. Sincerity, originality and the sounds of pans. More seriously, their sonorous leg, consisting of a dancefloor-oriented composition, on which is grafted a diverse arrangement of sounds based on collisions of everyday objects, strikes, without daring, in an avant-gardism that could be good for kind. The last EP of the duo, called “Tus Ojos”, had made him talk, especially thanks to a series of remixes well felt, Madben having notammenet served as ambassador. The sequel is fast approaching, and it will be called “Rêves en couleurs”. Hoping that the sound harvest was successful (we do not doubt a separt), this podcast, which is none other than a Lvie performed at Ninkasi in Lyon a few months ago, gives the opportunity to discover QLONS in an exercise that he masters perfectly. And which we love.”