La Forêt

The influence of the rock music, in order to create deep and hypnotic house music, La Forêt is wild as a forest…


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La Forêt is John Rivolta’s personal project. Hailing from Geneva, this artist has a common habit to get his audience involved in his shows; adding visual elements. These continuously contribute towards his quest of delivering the most special performances. Following in the steps of the dark romantic house/techno movement, this night owl knows how to please the crowd. He was determined to resonate within people’s memories during his shows at some of the most prestigious festivals across Switzerland (Montreux Jazz Festival, Festi’Neuch, Paléo…)
As long as he can remember, John has always been surrounded by music. His family’s rock influence prompted him to start drumming, and many of the tattoos he has collected throughout the years have also stemmed from this genre. John however ended up being much more interested in the electronic music scene.
Under the name of John Argento, he went from club to club around Europe, as well as the USA. After this travelling experience, he went on to take on residency in a famous club in Geneva.
La Forêt‘s music is defined by a mix of rock attitude and deep hypnotic electronic sounds.
He likes an intense bass sound, some catchy melodies, and crossing musical borders in order to make the crowd move and escape their daily grind for the night.


La Forêt @ Paléo Festival 2015


La Forêt – Mala

La Forêt – Mula

La Forêt – Wacko
(Deepartment Records)

La Forêt – Call
(Deepartment Records)


La Forêt – 20 Years of Attitude Nocturne

La Forêt – AN Podcast Series #002



EP / Mula & Mala


EP / Wonderlust
(Ayeko Records)
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EP / Breath Again
(Deepartment Records)
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Wacko on Four Seasons EP
(Deepartment Records)
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EP / A Better Place
(Deepartment Records)
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