One of the only geneva’s citizen who knows the true art of turntables. She is back on stage, don’t miss it!


Puma has been musically apt from a young age. Studying piano and musical history, followed by a diplôma in musicology in Geneva, this busy bee also started working as journalist, reviewing music for magazines. She first discovered rock music as a teenager, but the birth of Geneva’s electro scene definetely caught her attention. Following the purchase of her first CDJ, she stated playing for her friends at parties, but when she is finally got the chance to use vinyl turntables, she knew she wanted to perform for larger audiences.
In order to choose the best songs for her mix, Puma is dedicated to listening to new artists and productions, as well as famous ones. The similiraty between the track choices are set in advance as Puma seeks out tribal rythmes and unforgetable melodies.
For a few years, she took a break from the stage, but as her involvement into Geneva electronic scene never ceased, she is now ready for some new and refreshing performances.




Puma @ Baby Boa, Genève, Sept 16th


DJ Puma b2b Garance – Strob Klub, Montreux Jazz Festival 2017



Puma •  AN Podcast Series 026  •  2016

Puma •  Silencio, Genève  •  17 septembre 2016

Puma •  MixInMyHouse •  2014



22.03.2018 • Audio Club, Geneva