Walk into a universe between cold atmosphere and emotional feeling, Mimetic has built his own world…


Musically involved in techno and atmospheric sounds, Mimetic is the reflection of Jérome Soudan’s mind, complex and fascinating. This is a hyperactive musician, often described as an essential piece of the european underground music scene. He first studied piano at conservatory level, leading him to explore and become interested in clarinet, orchestral percussion, drumming and later electronic drumming. Once he finished his musical diploma, Jérôme moved from Lyon to Paris in 1994 and joined Les Tétines Noires. He soon became involved in another project: Von Magnet, where he quickly established himself within the band, due to his drumming talent, as well as his natural skills as a composer. During four years, he lived in Berlin, from 1996 to 2000 while playing and writing in Art Zoyd, he created his own musical project: Mimetic. He is now living in Geneva, working as artistic director of Electron Festival and new lovely club AUDIO.

His first album as Mimetic named ‘Overrated’, received good reviews from the electronic music movement. Far from being stuck on one idea or genre, Mimetic writes for contemporary dance artists (Carol Brown, Jan Linkens, Lionel Hoche), creates the soundtracks of underground movies (D.O.A, East in Paradise…). Specific work that he is still involved in currently, the most recent project being the soundtrack to Jenna Hasse’s upcoming movie. He is also collaborating with Sigmasix on a audiovisual installation experiencing the sound in octophony: Vertical Surround.

So far, Mimetic has released 9 albums, many various digipacks, DVDs and also a book. His last album “Where We Will Never Go”, includes collaborations with Mika Vainio, Mira Calixe, Niveau Zero and Samael and was remixed by Kangding Ray and Paul Kendall ( NIN, Depeche Mode ).


His last EP “Maidenhead” has been released last december  and the next album for  2018. Not only a successful producer and live artist, Mimetic is a brillant DJ, mixing with ease different styles such as techno and electronica. He all ready shared the stage with : Surgeon, Paula Temple, Leftfield, John Hopkins, Daniel Avery, Rodad, Mathias Aguayo, Pantha du Prince, Miss Kittin, The Hacker, Extrawelt, Roman Flügel.

Behind his machines, he knows how to handle the crowds and to make them move. After 15 years of touring, expressing and improving his art, Mimetic is still following his path, fed by multicultural influences.



Mimetic – Sparkling Love

Mimetic – Synthetize Me


Mimetic (DJ Set) – Paleo Festival 2014





Mimetic  •  Gone (2016)

Mimetic  •  Maidenhead (2016)

Mimetic  •  Sweet Agony (2016)

Mimetic  •  The Half Way (2013)

Mimetic  •  Emmanuelle (2011)

DJ Sets

Mimetic •  Couleur 3  •  2018

Mimetic •  Moscow Earth Lab August  •  2016

Mimetic •  Electron Festival  •  2016

Mimetic •  New Year Eve Party •  2015




Maidenhead •  12” •  Les Arts Minis  •  2016


Where I Will Never Go •  12” •  Les Arts Minis L.A.M.v.002 •  2013


Where We Will Never Go •  CD •  Hymen Records •  2013


Grow up & wait •  12” •  Les Arts Minis •  2011


X: One More Than Nine •  2×3 CD & book •  Les Arts Minis •  2008


The Mimetic Years: All My Lives. •  CD •  Hands Productions  •  2007


Under Pressure: Ultra •  CD •  Spectre/Nautilus  •  2006


Desire: Sacred Aim. •  DVD •  Ant-zen  •  2006


Collective: One by One •  CD •  Urgence Disk Records  •  2006


Tale: Personal Plot •  3″ CD •  thisco thisk  •  2005



Dancing: The Changing Room. •  CD / boxset •  hands productions  •  2005


Origamimetic (w/ Origami Galaktika) •  CD •  spectre •  2004



Out of tune 2  •  12” •  Moloko +  •  2003


On the other side. •  3×12″ – Hands Productions  •  2002


Data/be-at: sensitive / Sound a •  2cd •  parametric  •  2002

Mute: Out of Tune •  12″ •  moloko +  •  2001


Mute: Negative •  CD •  prikosnovénie  •  2000


Mute: positive •  CD •  moloko +  •  2000


Kino: Lucius (w/ Delphium) •  cd •  fario  •  1999


Field: Overrated •  CD •  moloko +  •  1998



23.02.18 – Audio, Genève

10.03.18 – Audio, Genève

16.03.18 – Audio, Genève

30.03.18 – SAS, Delémont